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above all, Africa where the hungry population continues to increase

According to statistics released by the United Nations in October 2012
The hungry population in Africa has increased by about 20 million over the past four years, with 239 million hungry in Africa alone.

While the hungry population is declining due to economic development, the number of people suffering from hunger is still increasing in Africa.

More than 18 million people are suffering from food shortages due to the 2012 drought and floods, especially in the striped area at the southern tip of the Sahara Desert.

The Japan International Hunger Countermeasures Organization is now developing the Hanger Zero Africa Movement to respond to the cries of the African people.In addition to urgent food assistance, we are engaged in various activities to eliminate hunger in Africa.

All of this activity is supported by Hanger Zero supporters.
We are delivering your love to the people of Africa who suffer from hunger and poverty.A world free of hunger is made possible by this sharing of love.Please participate in the Hanger Zero Movement.

You can start from 1,000 yen every month.

“Light of the heart” found in a village where electricity is not available in Cambodia

A sweet smell drifts from another house.

When asked, a woman is cooking under the light of a lantern.A woman is cooking under the light of a lantern.I heard that they are making banana chips for sweets.”Thanks to the lanterns sold in the village, I can make it even at night, so I can do other jobs during the day and increase my income,” he says happily.When asked what he would spend the extra money on, he said, “I’ll buy food first, and then I’ll use it to educate my children.”

A woman making banana chips for sale.She says her income has increased because she can work in the dark, such as early in the morning, with solar lanterns.

nonprofit organization Sasaenowa Business purpose

We believe that the life of humankind is important for the nonprofit organization Sasaenowa, and we will work for the purpose of providing life-threatening points, support for the poor, and disaster support both domestically and internationally.

  1. Disaster supporter activities
  2. Food support, etc. (country of hunger)
  3. Business succession support M & A
  4. Carbon dioxide reduction campaign
  5. World peace promotion activities
  6. No country of infrastructure equipment (overseas only)
  7. Lifeline equipment (overseas only)
  8. Activities that contribute to international cooperation activities, developing countries, and solving community problems

Chairman Mamoru Murai

[For lack of successors] Support for business successors or M & A

[To solve the labor shortage] Recruiting, employment not limited to middle-aged and older people

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming

Activities in collaboration with WMO [World Meteorological Organization]

The earth is important!?

Conduct international cooperation activities (water, food assistance, electricity assistance activities) around the world through public-private partnerships with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA.

Public-private partnership

What is public-private partnership?

In recent years, the role of private sector companies in the economic growth of developing countries has become more and more important.

The fact that private companies carry out various businesses in developing countries contributes to the manifestation and sustainability of development effects such as local job creation, human resource development, and improvement of technological capabilities, and the excellent technology possessed by Japanese companies. Know-how and ideas are also expected in developing countries.

The Japanese government is providing various support with the aim of producing efficient and effective development effects through collaboration with such private companies.

Business / project

We will provide faster, more efficient and effective assistance by centrally working on three assistance methods: technical cooperation, loan aid, and grant aid to solve various issues faced by developing countries.

Addressing the challenges facing the world

Supporting overseas expansion of local governments using ODA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA will support the overseas expansion of local governments while making maximum use of ODA.

While many developing countries have seen remarkable economic growth in recent years, they have a wealth of knowledge in the fields of water, energy, waste treatment, disaster prevention, etc., while responding to environmental problems and infrastructure problems has not caught up. The cooperation of local governments is increasingly needed.

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